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Merge Business

Why Merge?

Merging accounts will simplify the tendering process and help you get the most out of your efforts.

Having multiple accounts on the system can be detrimental to your tendering activities. When buyers try to find you on the system, they may be presented with numerous accounts that look identical (See below for examples). They will be unable to distinguish the account you are currently tendering under from your old inactive accounts, which may have incorrect contact details.

Suppose buyers select one of the old accounts to be added to a selective tender or inform you about a new opportunity. The effect of this would be that though you were invited to the tender you will not be notified of any updates regarding the opportunity, as all notifications related to the opportunity and invitation will be sent to the incorrect contact details.

Alternatively, suppose the contact details on the multiple accounts are up to date. In that case, you will receive duplicate emails from the system, as it will treat the companies and contact details as separate.

Potential consequences:

  1. Missed revenue opportunity
  2. Reputational damage. If you are invited to tender via an email that no longer exists, it will appear to the buyer that you just did not bother to respond.

Merging cross-site accounts allows you to have one consolidated company profile, enabling you to market your business to all government buyers while having only one profile to keep up-to-date. Furthermore, when buyers look at your past projects, they will be able to see all your history across sites, not just those connected to the specific account or the site you are tendering on.


How To Merge

  1. Log into Consolidated Tenders, click on “Main Menu”, and select “Merge Accounts.

    A table showing matching criteria will be displayed. You can click one of the “Explore” buttons located to the right of a matching criterion to find out more about businesses matching on that criterion.

    (We recommend starting with businesses matching on “ABN” or “Company name”)

  2. Once you have located a business you wish to merge into your premium business, click “Merge”.
  3. You will be taken to a “Step 1: Authenticate” page. Enter a username and password associated with the business you wish to merge into your premium business. Press “Validate and Continue” once done.

    If you do not know the username and password, please go to step 4 else, skip to step 5.
  4. If you do not know the credentials, click “Hint”. This may assist you in contacting the owner of the account.

    If that does not help or the person has left your company, a button will be displayed, allowing you to send an access request to our team.

    Once they have validated your information, our team will get back to you via email. Please follow the instructions in the email once received. If you have multiple accounts to merge, please complete the process one at a time, or give us a call on (08) 8132 7350 so that we can coordinate it with you. Then continue onto Step 5.

  5. Once on “Step 2: Merge Businesses” page, you will be asked to select the basic details from each business you wish to retain, such as ABN, primary contact, and business name. If you make a mistake, these details can be updated later via the company profile.

  6. The final step is “Step 3: Confirm” here, you can see how the basic details will appear and acknowledge that the process is non-reversible. Tick the “I acknowledge” checkbox and click “Begin Non-Reversible Merge” button.

    Note: On this confirmation page, you may see people and offices increased in numbers, which you can always update and delete by going to your company profile “People” and “Location” tab accordingly.