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Search Tenders, Saved Searches and Daily Notifications

The Consolidated Tenders Site provides suppliers to have a single place to search for tenders across all jurisdictions using the Consolidated Tenders Platform. The screen shots below show the search filters available.


Suppliers can use the following search criteria in their searches:




By typing in a word, tender code or key phrase. Consolidated Tenders will search the tender title, tender code, and tender description for those keywords.


Filters search results to tenders that have been marked with UNSPSC classification categories and sub-categories and any that have been marked with a sub classification of that category.

For example, if you select the classification of 20102100 Rock drills, the search results WILL also include tenders that were categorized as 20102101 Pneumatic rock drills. However, if you chose the category 20102101 Pneumatic rock drills, the search will NOT return tenders that were categorized as 20102100 Rock drills.

To use these categorisation codes, simply start typing in some keywords of the category that you are looking for and it will return a series of suggested categories matching those keywords.


Allows you to select the location of tenders in search results from one or more states or territories.

Tender Status

Allows you to filter by the status of the procurement process. Most commonly, you will be looking for Open tenders, as these are the ones that you can respond to.

Tender Title

Enter the title or words from the title of the tender.

Tender Code

Enter the code or partial code of the tender you are looking for.

Tender Opening Date

Enter the to / from opening date range of the tender that you are looking for.

Tender Closing Date

Enter the to / from closing date range of the tender that you are looking for.


The more search criteria you use the more focussed the list of results will be.

Once you have entered the search criteria, select the Search button. The system will return search results sorted by closing date.

When logged in Search criteria can be saved

You can elect to receive a daily email notification of the results of a saved search.

To save a search

  • Click on the Save button located in the top right corner of the search results screen.

To reuse a saved search:

  • Click Search
  • Click the Use Saved button on the far right of the search bar.

This will display a list of your saved searches. Click on the Search Icon located next to the saved search list item that you want to use.

To receive a daily notification email of the results of one of your saved searches,

  • go to the Home page,
  • select the Tenders menu
  • then select the Saved Searches menu item.
  • Find the saved search that you want to be notified of and click the Alert button so that it shows the correct notification status.

If you no longer require a saved search

  • find the saved search that you no longer require
  • click the Delete button,
  • click the Delete button in the confirmation message.