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Select Documents from Library

The document library can be used in two ways in the wider Consolidated Tenders Site and tenant sites.

The first is embellishing the quality of the supplier’s profile. The supplier can add documents to their profile to justify the claims that they are making in the profile elements.

In the screen shot below, the supplier claims to have valid worker’s compensation insurance. The screen indicates that there are attachments associated with this claim.

By clicking on the Edit icon the supplier is taken to the edit screen for this profile element.

On this screen, the supplier can add as many files as required for this profile element. Clicking on the + Select from Cloud button will display the supplier’s Document Library in select mode.

The supplier then navigates the hierarchy of the document library to find the correct document and adds it to the profile element using the Select button.

The second way that a supplier can use their document library is during the submission of a tender response. When the supplier navigates to the Tender Response page on the relevant tenant’s online tendering site, they will come to a page that looks similar to the screen page below. This example is from the site.

When the supplier clicks on the Add button in the Online Documents section of the form, they will open the supplier’s document library in select file mode.

From there they can select a file to be used in their tender response.

When the supplier finds the correct file in their document library and clicks the Select button, that file will be included in the supplier’s tender response, as shown in the screen shot below.