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Company Profile - People

The People tab of the Company Profile allows you to add the details of your key personnel and also manage their ability to login to the Consolidated Tenders Platform. This allows you to fulfil two functions, the first being to present your key staff to buyers and secondly to control who has access to your online tendering environment.

You can set the primary contact for your company by selecting the correct person from the Primary Contact drop down list and pressing the Update button. The primary contact for the business is indicated by the blue star next to their name and by having their name displayed in a bold font.

To add a new person click the Add New Person button. When you do this a modal form will appear that will allow you to create and save the details of the new person. If you click the Edit icon in the last column of the same modal form will appear, that will allow you to edit and save details of an existing user.

You can edit the following fields:



Primary Email Address

The primary email address of the person, in cases where they have more than one email address.


User Name

Username of the person. We are moving away from user specified usernames and are now enforcing the use of primary email address as username. This is consistent with industry conventions across the web.


First Name

The person’s given name.


Last Name

The person’s family name.



The person’s position or job title.


Change Password

When the user presses the Change Password button, they are redirected to the change password screen to change their password in the usual way.



The security role that the user has been allocated in the company.


Phone Number Type

The type of phone number such as mobile, direct, company etc.


Country Code

The country calling codes or country dial-in codes prefix for reaching telephone subscribers in the networks of the member countries or regions of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


Area Code

The two-digit STD area code that precedes the eight-digit local phone number.


Phone Number

The eight-digit local phone number.


When you have completed either setting up a new user or editing an existing user, press the Save button to save your changes.

To delete a person, press the Delete button and when the confirm delete message is displayed, confirm the delete.