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Company Profile - Overview

The Overview tab of the Company Profile allows you to add details of your company’s overall outward facing profile to the Consolidated Tenders Platform. This allows you to add extra outward facing information relating to your Consolidated Tenders Company Profile.

You can add different pieces of information relating to your company on to your overview. To add any information to this page you will just need to add information to the text fields and image uploading fields.

You can edit the following fields:



Business Logo

Upload a logo to go on the businesses overview


Tag Line

Text entry to add the tag line of the business



A selectable list of what the business does



The description of the business


Year Founded

Year that the business was founded


AU/NZ Annual Turnover

Annual turnover for the business

Number of Employees

Total number of employees working for the business


Australian Indigenous Owned

Selection to notify others that the business is natively Australian owned


Number of Australian Indigenous Employees

Total number of Australian Indigenous employees working for the business


When you have completed editing the company overview, press the Save button to save your changes.