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Company Profile - Assets

The Assets tab of the Company Profile allows you to add the details of any of your company’s assets that may be significant in presenting your company’s capability to potential buyers.

To add a new asset click the Add New Asset button. When you do this a modal form will appear that will allow you to create and save the details of the new asset. If you click the Edit icon in the last column of the same modal form will appear, that will allow you to edit and save details of an existing asset.

You can edit the following fields:




Select either Equipment of Facility.


In general, equipment is something that you can use to do something, e.g. an excavator, truck, laptop or desktop computer, while a facility is a location that enable activities to happen, e.g. an office suite with meeting rooms or a data centre with power, air conditioning, physical security and connectivity.


The name of the asset.


A description of the asset, including any characteristics of the asset that may be attractive to potential buyers and therefore important to mention and be keyword searchable.


The list of files that are associated with this asset. These files can be anything that sells your capability to buyers.


Select From Cloud

Press the Select From Cloud button to add files from your document library to this asset. You can associate as many library documents with an asset as you need to.

When you have completed either setting up a new asset or editing an existing asset, press the Save button to save your changes.

To delete an asset, press the Delete button and when the confirm delete message is displayed, confirm the delete.