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Company Profile - Insurances

The Insurance tab of the Company Profile allows you to add the details of your current insurance including: professional indemnity and workers compensation including limits and expiry dates as well as uploading respective certificates.    This information can then be used on tenders you are tendering for.  You will be notified when you are required to update the insurance information nearing the expiry date.

You can enter insurance details for your company by selecting the Add New Insurance.

To add insurance details, click the Add New Insurance button. When you do this a modal form will appear that will allow you to create and save the details of the insurance policy and upload attachments. 

You can edit the following fields:




 Insurance Company



Type of insurance i.e. Public Liability


Policy Number

Policy Number


Cover Limit

Cover Limit


 Maximum Single Claim

Maximum single claim


 Expiry Date

When the user presses the Change Password button, they are redirected to the change password screen to change their password in the usual way. When the policy expires.



 You can upload your current certificates


When you have completed all relevant fields, press the Save button to save your changes.