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Company Profile - Licences

The Licences tab of the Company Profile page, this allows you to manage your businesses licences by adding and edit the details of your business’s licences to the Consolidated Tenders Platform,

You can set the licences for your company by selecting the edit button alongside the listing of the current licence.

To add a new licence click the Add New Licence button. When you do this a modal form will appear that will allow you to create, delete and save the details of the new licence. If you click the Edit icon in the last column of the licences row the modal form will appear, that will allow you to edit and save details of an existing licence.




The title/name of the Licence.


The name of the issuer of the licence


The class of the licence


The licence number.

Issue Date

The date the licence has been issued

Expiry Date

The date the licence expires


The document of the licence that is being added/edited

When you have completed all relevant fields, press the Save button to save your changes.