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Company Profile - Awards

It adds assurance for buyers to work with suppliers who strive for excellence and are recognised for great work. On this page you can enter the awards that your company and/or employees have won to promote your competency. You may enter as many awards as you considered applicable.

The awards you have created will be summarised in the table, as shown below:

The awards are listed with the most recently awarded first.

To add a new award click the Add New Award button. When you do this, a modal form, shown below, will appear allowing you to create and save the details of the new award. If you click the Edit icon on the far right of each row, of the same modal form will appear, that will allow you to edit and save details of an existing award.

You can edit the following fields:




The name of the award.

Awarding Body

The body, such as institution or organisation, who presented your company with this award.


The recipient of the award, which can be your company name, a trading name of your business, an employee or team.

Date Awarded

The date your company is presented with this award.


You may include supporting documents such as a scanned copy of the award or supporting documents on the aspects of your company that helped you achieved the award.

When you have completed either creating a new award or editing an existing award, press the Save button to save your changes.

To delete an award, press the Delete button and when the confirm delete message is displayed, confirm the delete.