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Company Profile - Projects

Past performance speaks a tremendous amount about one’s ability and likelihood for success.

The Projects tab of the Company Profile allows you to add the details your past projects on the Consolidated Tenders Platform. This allows you to list previous projects and evidence relating to those projects on your business profile.

To add a new project, click the Add New Project button. When you do this a modal form that will allow you to create and save the details of the new Project will appear. If you click the Edit icon in the last column of the table row, the modal form that allow you to edit and save details of an existing project summary will appear.

You can edit the following fields:




The name or title of the project


The month and year when the project commenced.


The month and year when the project was completed. This field can be left blank if the project is still on going.


The client of the project.

Approx. Value

The approximate value of the project in Australian Dollars to the nearest 1,000s.


A section that allows you to provide a brief description about the project, such as what work was delivered.


You may include supporting documents, such as product brochures, that can demonstrate the successful outcome of the project.

When you have completed either setting up a new project or editing an existing project, press the Save button to save your changes.

If you wish to delete an existing project you can do so by pressing the Delete button in the bottom-left corner of the popup. Press the Delete button again when the deletion confirmation message is displayed to proceed with the deleting the selected project.