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Past Tenders

When preparing a tender response, you are often asked to write the same essay that you have written a hundred times before.

How many times are you part way through preparing a tender response when you think to yourself, “I’ve written this before”? It’s just a matter of locating exactly where it was.

Using Consolidated Tenders Past Tenders page:

You can view at all the past tenders that you have, downloaded documents, marked interest, responded to or have been successful in the past with.

We can’t supply you a copy of the document, as they are encrypted, but we can provide you the name of the buyer, the code, and name of the tender and the name and file extension of the document that you uploaded.

This will save hours in sifting through your own file system trying to remember which tender, for which buyer and when it was that you last wrote the detailed answer to the question you are answering again.

To access your past tender responses:

  • Go to the Home page,
  • Select Tenders from the main menu
  • Select the Past Tender Activities menu item.

This will display a list of the past tenders that you have responded to.

On the Past Tender Activities page, if you click on the Title of the tender, this will display the tender response details screen for that tender.

This screen will tell you:

  • The tendering site that the tender was published on
  • The name of the buyer that published the tender.
  • The date that the tender closed
  • The status of the tender outcome
  • The names of the response documents that were uploaded.

This is usually enough information to allow you to go directly to the correct document in your file system to see if there is material in that response document that is reusable.